HP REVERB G2 VS. OCULUS QUEST 2 – FOV Comparison – Which Headset Actually Has The Bigger FOV?


The two most popular headsets at the moment are the HP Reverb G2 and the Oculus Quest 2. In this video I am measuring their FOV and compare that with the FOV of the Rift CV1 and Rift S, so you know what you are upgrading to!

My IPD is 64mm which is the average human FOV. The headsets are optimized for my IPD which means I am getting the max FOV out of all the headsets. That also means, if you have a different IPD, you might get lower FOVs for the headsets without real IPD adjustment (Quest 2, Rift S). – MRTV – MIXED REALITY TV

Date: November 13, 2020

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